POSTED BY SBCS | Apr, 02, 2021 |

SBCS and Humble Design recently helped a homeless and expecting youth access a stable and beautifully designed apartment.

In 2017 at the age of 18, Selena lost her mother. After her father kicked her out and grandmother experienced health issues, Selena was faced with housing instability. She stayed in shelters, couch surfed and resorted to living in her car while working full time.

With support from SBCS’ rapid rehousing program, 22-year-old Selena is now ready to welcome her new baby girl into their revitalized home.

“SBCS has changed my life in many ways but most importantly provided me with a support system,” Selena said. “Without this help, I would be pregnant and homeless on the streets. I now have an opportunity to go back to school, save money and pay debt instead of accumulating more.”

Selena’s daughter is due in August; and we look forward to following and supporting them both through their journey to self-sufficiency.

Know a youth in need? Call us at 619-420-3620 for help.


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