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Our History



SBCS (formerly South Bay Community Services) is a community-based nonprofit organization providing a comprehensive range of services for children, youth, and families in San Diego county. Although we’ve grown to serve more than 50,000 annually through a wide array of services, SBCS started small and grew thanks to the support and donations of our neighbors.


SBCS began its existence in 1971 as “Our House” – a drop-in center located in the City of Chula Vista. We focused our services on teens struggling with drug abuse by providing counseling and rehabilitation. As we worked closely with each youth, we learned that many of these teens were coming from homes with domestic violence issues, economic struggles, or other stressors that were impacting every essence of their lives. The more we listened, the more we learned that these issues are interrelated and better approached comprehensively through a suite of services.

Out of this need, we slowly expanded our services provide support for the dynamic issues facing our community. Today, that list includes 9 different groups of services, including:

  • Housing assistance
  • Independent living skills
  • Employment readiness
  • Financial literacy services
  • Mental health counseling
  • Domestic violence & child abuse intervention
  • Juvenile crimes prevention
  • Therapeutic educational programming
  • Meals and nutritional support

While times have changed and our services have grown, our focus is unwavering. After more than 50 years working within the community, we are still based in the heart of the City of Chula Vista, serving communities throughout San Diego county.


Our Factsheets are available below to be printed or shared for information purposes. Our Factsheets provide a quick overview. For more information, please contact SBCS at (619) 420-3620.