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Blue Shield of California Foundation awarded a $400,000 grant to the region’s newest collaborative: San Ysidro Domestic Violence Prevention Collaborative. South Bay Community Services (SBCS) in partnership with San Ysidro Health (SYH) and Casa Familiar alongside a diverse group of multi-sector partners will bring together expertise and resources and leverage the work that has been at work for more than 25 years.

This grant is part of the Foundation’s work to address the causes of domestic violence through collaborative, community-based solutions. The funds will support the collaboratives work to expand throughout the community of San Ysidro for the next two years.

“Domestic violence is sometimes viewed as a personal or private problem. In reality, it affects every California community, so it is a shared problem, which we can only solve when we put our heads and hearts together,” said Peter Long, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of the Foundation. “We are excited to support these vibrant partnerships that address domestic violence as a community issue and develop solutions to prevent it.”

As part of its mission to ensure the good health and safety of all Californians, ending domestic violence has been a Foundation priority since 2002. In this grantmaking round, the Foundation awarded $2.4 million to six new projects that engage diverse parts of the population domestic violence. The six grantee collaborations will include partners from diverse fields like healthcare, workforce development, community organizing, education, and social services, who will help to change the conditions that enable domestic violence—from gender roles to limited economic mobility.

”The effects of domestic violence are far-reaching both through the home and the community at large,” SBCS President and CEO Kathryn Lembo said. “As a community-wide issue, we’re convening a community of collaborative partners to nurture and support prevention strategies for a multi-pronged approach leading to improved health, safety, and overall well-being for all.”

San Ysidro Health President and CEO Kevin Mattson said that exposure to violence may be linked to an increase in negative health outcomes for the entire family.

“Addressing exposure to crime and violence as a public health issue is critical. San Ysidro Health is committed to work with our partners in order to help prevent the serious short and long term health effects domestic violence can bring to individuals, families and the communities we serve,” Mattson said.

Casa Familiar President and CEO Lisa Cuestas shared that there are several connected challenging factors in a border community like San Ysidro when dealing with domestic violence.

“Fortunately, this collaborative of long-standing nonprofit partners and Blue Shield Foundation understand the value of awareness and prevention, along with a willingness to tap into the cultural richness of this community to help address this issue. Harnessing the arts and theater to help guide the community wide dialogue of domestic violence along with direct social and emergency services all play a critical role in helping to support and mend individuals and families,” Cuestas said.

Domestic violence impacts one in three women and one in four men in their lifetimes, which contributes to a wide range of acute and chronic mental and physical health issues. In addition, one in five children is exposed to interparental violence, which increases the likelihood of experiencing or perpetrating domestic violence as an adult.

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About Blue Shield of California Foundation

Blue Shield of California Foundation is one of the state’s largest and most trusted philanthropic organizations. Our mission is to build lasting and equitable solutions that make California the healthiest state, with the lowest rate of domestic violence. To learn more, visit

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Incorporated in 1973, Casa Familiar is a 501(c)(3) community-based organization that provides more than 30 direct services, including computer classes, afterschool programs, affordable and transitional housing, and cultural activities, to the residents of South San Diego County.


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