POSTED BY SBCS | May, 02, 2019 |

Families are fighting hard to survive—we want them to thrive. Let’s mobilize. Join us on Friday, May 17, 9:15 a.m. at Castle Park High School, hundreds of civic, business, and community leaders along with students and families will come together to raise our voices in unity and kick off the statewide End Child Poverty Bus Tour.

Before the state budget is finalized, parents, children, and communities across California will rally to demand action on our child poverty crisis. California has more children living in poverty than any other state. One in five California children lives in poverty. That’s almost 2 million children—with 450,000 of those children living in families trying to survive on less than $12,900 per year. But we also have a comprehensive plan to end deep child poverty. Let’s Pass the Plan.



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