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Waitlist Updates and Info

Applicants who submitted an application between September 11, 2023 and October 6, 2023 and were added to the rental assistance waitlist, received a letter, email or phone call at the address listed on their application providing the position number on the waitlist based on the date SBCS received the completed application.  Placement on the waitlist is not a guarantee of a rental assistance offer or eligibility. 

If funding becomes available and you reach the top of our waitlist, SBCS will notify you by sending you a letter in the mail, email, or by phone if no address was provided on the application.  Then, we will conduct a review and eligibility determination of your application, at which time you will be required to submit updated documentation verifying your current situation and eligibility for assistance. You must always respond to our letters and contact attempts.  If you do not respond to our attempts within 14 calendar days or if your letter is returned as undeliverable, your name and application will be removed from the waiting list. 
If there is ever a change to your address, email or phone number you must notify us by updating your information here. No changes will be taken over the phone.  If you need assistance updating your information, you can come to SBCS 430 F Street Chula Vista, CA 91910 and an associate can assist you with updating your information on this webpage.