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Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing

Homelessness is defined as the state of having no home. It is characterized by extreme poverty coupled with the lack of stable housing. Poverty is not just evident in our chronic homeless living on the street. There is poverty we don’t often see or realize. In our community, there are children who go to school hungry, families living in cars or a friends garage, and teens couch surfing so they don’t have to sleep in a park. Then there are many others who are just one circumstance away from losing shelter and means for basic living.

SBCS provides housing and services for the following groups defined as homeless:

  • Domestic Violence Victims and their families escaping domestic violence
  • Homeless Families
  • Homeless Youth
  • Chronic Homeless Individuals

Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing

Domestic Violence Victims & Their Families

SBCS provides emergency shelter and housing for families escaping domestic violence. In order to remove barriers to leaving a domestic violence situation, SBCS allows extended family members and teenage sons to stay with family at the shelter. SBCS is one of the only shelters to provide this opportunity. In addition to housing, families receive family and individual counseling, food assistance and wrap around services that help them lead self-sufficient lives.


Homeless Families

Families make up nearly one-third of the nation’s homeless population. Often a homeless situation occurs due to one unforeseen circumstance, like a death in the family, a health issue or loss of a job. Along with shelter, SBCS provides holistic supports for lifting up the entire family and creating a road to self-sufficiency. In addition, families may be eligible for rapid-rehousing vouchers.


Transitional Youth

For young people ages 18 to 24 years old, SBCS offers safe, affordable and supportive housing for former foster youth and/or homeless youth while they finish school or complete job training.



Homeless Individuals and Families 

Rapid Rehousing program provides financial assistance and services to prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless. SBCS provides subsidized rent for six to 12 months for those experiencing homelessness in order to help bridge the gap to self-sufficiency.



Homeless Individuals and Families 

SBCS partners with various faith-based communities throughout San Diego County to provide temporary shelter during the months of December and March.


SBCS provides more than just shelter, residents are also offered support and resources such as:

  • Counseling  
  • Job readiness  
  • Emergency food  
  • Job opportunities  
  • Access to transportation  
  • Interview clothing
  • Workshops on smart budgeting and benefits of a bank account  
  • Free tax preparation 
  • Cal-Fresh food stamp sign-up and education on nutrition


For more information call (619) 420-3620 or (800) 640-2933.