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Community Services for Families

Community Services for Families (CSF) provides support to families who currently involved with Child Welfare Services (CWS) to help parent’s create stable and nurturing home environments, ensure children at risk of removal remain safely in their homes and ensure timely reunification of children who have been placed out of the home. Services include: In-home parenting, Parent Partners, Family Visit Coaches, Family Support Clinicians, and Group Parenting Classes.

Services include:

In-home parenting

Parent partners provide short-term peer support services and education to parents referred by CWS. They aim to help clients to better understand and navigate the CWS system and engage in their case plan (if they have one).

Family visit coaches provide coaching and support to parents during visits with their children when they are in out of home care. Using the Marty Beyer Visit Coaching Model, coaches assist parents in enhancing the quality of their visits, being responsive to their child’s needs, and enhancing communication with service providers and caregivers in order to support the reunification process. Coaches provide up to three coaching sessions per week for up to three to six months.

Family support clinicians provide comprehensive clinical assessments to families referred by CWS with children five & under who have experienced domestic violence. Clinicians also provide psychoeducation, crisis intervention, and safety planning as needed.

Group parenting classes offer parents the ability to learn about their child’s development, new parenting techniques and skills, and to receive support from other parents. Educators utilize the STEP Curriculum to teach classes in both English & Spanish. Classes are specific to the ages of children & focus on: 0-5, 6-12, and 13-18. Classes are free and meet Welfare & Institutions Code requirements. Graduates receive a certificate of completion & STEP book. This service is subcontracted to Jewish Family Service & information on classes and client participation can be obtained by contacting 858-637-3375.

SBCS is proud to provide SafeCare accredited housing.