In the heart of Chula Vista—the neighborhood where our impact began more than 50 years ago—we envision a new center for impact that the community can be part of and proud of. 

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With your help, SBCS will build a much-needed central hub for our organization. More than that, SBCS will be able to serve more people, more often. 

Founded in 1971, SBCS employs a staff of nearly 500 who help 50,000 children, youth, and families overcome difficult situations and achieve stability each year. The construction of a new 61,000 square foot facility will expand our capacity to reach 10,000 additional children, youth, and families each year.  


This project will bring residents, resources, and comprehensive support services together under one roof, where SBCS employees, partners, and residents can work together to support our most vulnerable neighbors. 

With your help, SBCS will: 

  • Build a purposeful, community-centered facility 
  • Increase our visibility among families in crisis 
  • Provide relevant, valuable resources for South San Diego residents 
  • Reach 10,000 additional children, youth, and families each year  

Our House

Our House

After 50 years of impact and community investment, we are outgrowing old facilities that no longer meet the needs of our organization or community.  

Why Now?


Simply put – we’ve run out of space.

Our community depends on us to provide critical services for families in crisis and the need for our work is urgent and growing. With direct service and administrative staff spread across aging buildings or housed with SBCS partners, a central location for our services will provide much needed…

  • -> office space to hire new staff
  • -> counseling rooms to provide therapy and mental health services
  • -> resident meeting space to nurture the growing interest in community engagement


The Campaign

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Frequently Asked Questions

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